Discours_Project [6]:

The Covered Gaze:


The curating and hanging

The structural idea of the Model Exhibition and the 1:1 exhibition developed over time. In this process one can see that the media-artist had many different inspirations and came up with many proposals for the form but also for technical solutions like when he found the small fiber light. Parallel to the development of the Model Exhibition he was struggling with the paintings. He was not painting specifically for the Model Exhibition so he just paints. Paints. Paints. And at the time he was going to go into the curator-mood he had to select among seventy large paintings.
The media-artist had tried to find some selection principle but in his notebook he has only written: “Theme – Form – Narrative.” And then these two words: homogeneity/diversity. I can see that he narrowed down the seventeen paintings to thirty and then he let some time go and then he made the selections of the eleven paintings and as he wrote: “It was disappointingly easy!”

The hanging process can only be seen with difficulty in the notebook of the media-artist. First he created the narrative by placing uniform and small pictures on A4 sheets in a layout program and named them:
Follow the road – Willy.
The blackbird meets the head of the black woman from the fifties.
Under the sky you are always alone.
The birds and the fire rope of Hans Christian Andersen.
Hopalong Cassidy – and the figures.
Hopalong Cassidy – catches and is captured.
Willy searches in the rook – where are the birds flying?
Hopalong Cassidy – meets the triangle in the circle under water.

The hanging process – and the resizing, printing and mounting the pictures on the cardboard takes place in a trial-and-error manner.

The hanging on the four walls in the Model Exhibition creating a narrative (material from the process).