Discours_Project [6]:

The Covered Gaze:


The model as 1:10?

Models compare a complex thing with something that has been stripped down to its essential qualities, leaving out the trivial details, in order to reduce it to a manageable form.
The model also creates a special bodily experience for the spectator by being small-scale but also through the bodily experience of walking around the model and by this walk-around the spectator makes the narrative become visible.

The media-artist had this reflection in a note: “In this rather common architectural model there is a play between what is outside and what is inside. There is something that is cut off and something that is assessable. This model looks like it has a scale. Maybe it is 1:10 and then one long exhibition wall is 10 meters long and 4 meters high. But it could also be another scale and then the wall is 5 meters long and the height is 2 meters. It is possible.”

The only indicator in the final model is the chair placed beneath a painting indicating the scale.